Ignore PR, focus on SEO – the simple easy option

Sometimes working with the client’s PR team is a nightmare, they never listen to your seo recommendations and if they do, it takes weeks to get content approved. Some, despite claiming they know about seo, still upload press releases with no optimised content or links.

If you want to take this attitude, I do not blame you, but it will be harder to get your client ranking high in the search results without them.

PR and SEO should work closely together. Having a press release ranking for a key term can help your seo efforts:
1. It will appear in the top search results, therefore pushing down the competition.
2. PR will help you to appear in the news results as well.
3. By appearing high in the web and news results, you will drive more traffic to your site, the whole objective of most website owners.

I love PR

So how can you work closely with PR so that they like and respect your seo efforts?

1. Educate
Speak to them about how important seo is and by working together you are complimenting their efforts.
2. Optimise signed off press releases
You will not be able to change the copy of most press releases, that is pretty much guaranteed., but what you can do is add in links to key terms the site should be ranking for.
3. Results
You will get the PR team on board quicker if you can show them results from working with previous clients.
4. Quick turn around
Make sure when you have a press release, you optimise it and send it back to the team quickly.

PR and SEO should work closely together so they can compliment one another’s efforts. A solid partnership with bring long lasting results which will benefit the agency and the client.

3 thoughts on “Ignore PR, focus on SEO – the simple easy option

  1. Rizla300

    Our SEO team are finding exactly the same problem or we find that there are press releases that have gone out and we only find out from the brand Facebook page.

    But you are right cmmunication is key and edicating them Of importance of aligning PR and SEO:

    Here is an interesting case study on Hotel Chocolats Social Media and PR SEO campaign:


  2. Jo Turnbull Post author

    Thanks for sharing that Erisa, Immediate Future are just down the road from me here in Kingston.


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