New mobile phones hitting the market

It has been a busy week in the mobile market this past week.

3 announced a new social networking handset called INQ Mini 3G that went on sale Thursday, October 8th. It is aimed at the younger market who spend a lot of time on the social networks and has a built in Twitter application, shortcuts to facebook and skype. The handset comes with a choice of 8 different colours some say they look like “candy” phones. The mobile is small at just 2.2 inches with a 320 x 240 display and 2 mp camera. It can sync with iTune or Windows Media Player through a third-party application

INQ mobile phones

It has free skype to skype calls and msn and is available on 3’s £15 Internet Texter plan and on the Mix and Match tariffs. And for those Pay as you go customers, you can pick it up for £59.99. The photo above also shows the INQ Chat 3G which has a QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 mp camera and built in GPS which is out later this year.

T-mobile also announced last week they will be offering the BlackBerry Bold2 as well as Nokia’s new flagship the N900 and another Nseries handset. T Mobile will also get the Motoroal CLUQ and the Samsung Behold 2, increasing its range of smartphones.

Will update more soon, but in the meantime, have a read of the following:

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