Palm Pre in the UK

One of the most anticipated phones, the Palm Pre, only available on O2, finally launched on Friday October 16th. In a statement yesterday, the company said it sold more Palm Pre handsets on Friday than the number of regular handsets they sell on an average day.

For those that have missed the hype about the Palm pre, I will give a few points as to why this phone has created so much stir:
– For one thing it is smaller than the iPhone with a tiny keyword aswell as the touchscreen.
– You can have more than one application running at the same time which is not the same as the iPhone.
– There will be an app store for the Palm Pre but you can still load other apps and buy them over the air from the Palm app store.
– It is the first device to run on Palm’s new Web OS operating system and as it smaller than the iPhone it is not as clunky and easily fits into your pocket

What is also new with this phone is that you can charge the handset by placing it on an electromagnetic induction pad instead of plugging it in a cable.

Palm Pre is only available on O2 on contracts from 30 pounds a month plus 90pounds for the phone. Those on 24 month contracts can get the phone for free.

It seems awfully convenient that at a time when O2’s exclusivity for the iPhone has come to an end, they bring out the Palm Pre. It will be interesting to see how the smart phone market reacts to such a new handset. Feel free to comment for those that have bought one.

Have a look at this interview on the BBC with the CEO of O2 and the CEO of Palm

One thought on “Palm Pre in the UK

  1. Erik B

    Never having been a fan of the iPhone due to it’s limited funcationality, albeit with a great interface, am interested to see how the competitors shape up.

    With a proper key pad and funky plug free charging this one certainly looks interesting.


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