Orange in the news

Orange has been in the news a lot this past week.

Firstly on April 1st, it was announced that T-Mobile and Orange had become a single UK entity. Tom Alexander who is the Orange UK boss is the chief of the new company and T-Mobile UK boss Richard Moat is the chief financial officer. It comes seven months after France Telecom and Deutsche Telekomeir first announced their plans to merge the UK operations.

This means that the organisations can share confidential financial and customer information and begin consolidating the two businesses and Orange UK and T-Mobile UK now cease to exist.

Orange said : “Further to announcements of September 8, 2009, and to the obtaining of all necessary approvals, Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom today announced the successful completion of the UK merger transaction and the formation of the new Joint Venture. The JV will be accounted for using the equity method as of April 2010 for both Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom.”

Last week Orange also announced their new business mobile broadband packages allowing customers to choose a package that suits the way their business works. They have two packages both tariffs cost £10 a month and Orange has included an additional 1GB usage allowance per month to dip into:

1. Business Everywhere 5 to 9 – as the name suggests is for businesses who work from 5pm – 9am and want unlimited data. It is mainly aimed at start-ups and entrepreneurs who have day jobs and need mobile broadband access outside regular office hours.

2. Business Everywhere 9 to 5- are for businesses who want the same package but access 9am to 5pm.

There is also a service for frequent travellers who access an extra 5MB of data every month to use in Europe. Not worldwide yet, but who knows in the future?

Not to be outdone by Orange, T-Mobile expanded its Business Unlimited tariff by offering free conference calling and compatibility with its Boosters. There is conference calling for up to 20 people and customers now have access to a range of international boosters for businesses working abroad. They are Euro Talk and Text, Euro and Australasia Talk and USA and Canada Talk.

The plan “Business Unlimited” comes with unlimited calls, texts, email and internet access and costs just £35 a month. Customers will also receive free voicemail, free next day phone replacement, free 24/7 online account management and dedicated UK-based customer support.

Max Taylor , head of business marketing said: “We know that transparent pricing and predictable costs are crucial to any small business trying to manage its cashflow. By adding more to Business Unlimited at the same price, we’re enhancing what is already the best value small business tariff on the market and giving businesses greater control and peace of mind over their mobile costs.”

Watch out for more news from Orange.

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