Search Events in March

March is a busy month, there are lots events taking place in London.  Here are just a few:

How to Get the Most out of SEO and Social

Tuesday, March 10th,

The class is for those in online marketing, those working client side and also working agency side.

It is also suitable for entrepreneurs, managing their own websites and client sites.  Those working in agencies will learn about how to integrate SEO and Social Media and how they can use these tips for their clients.  Anyone working in digital should attend the class to learn more about how SEO and Social are interconnected and how by working efficiently together, it can lead to higher visibility, more engagement and of course,what everyone wants – more traffic.

Learning Outcomes

– How to get the most out of SEO

– How Social impacts SEO

– Tools to use

– Selling in SEO and Social to your organisation.

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Search Bootcamp

Friday, March 20th

Search Bootcamp is the right place, where during one day you get full access to the expertise of 12+ specialists on digital, a full day of interactive activities, 7 workshops, impromptu discussion, round tables debate, networking and much more. The event offers the participants valuable information with and about local SEO, content, strategy, technical SEO, etc., all of this in a cozy environment with engaging workshops and compelling case studies, first-hand access to the industry speakers, round tables and stirring discussions.

Search Bootcamp

Well known experts from online marketing will take part in the event:

    • Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO
    • Kelvin Newman from Rough Agenda (the organizer of Brighton SEO),
    • Pete Campbell from Kaisen,
    • Jackie Hole International SEM Consultant
    • Judith Lewis Founder deCabbit

Some of the information you will take away includes:

– how to build a great SEO campaign
– useful lesson for viral content
– small budget successful SEO campaigns
– rankings factors and future predictions in 2015
– technical SEO
– relevant case studies and the latest trends

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Register and find more details on the official website:

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