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Thank you to everyone who came to the Search London event last Tuesday.

I was pleased we were able to rent a room in one of my favourite pubs in London – The Doggett’s Coat and Badge which has fantastic views of the Thames.  That would not have been possible without the sponsors Fresh Egg, so thank you to them.

There were two speakers for the evening, Paul Chaloner from Fresh Egg who spoke about “Social Media and Google +” and Lisa Myers from Verve Search who spoke about “Schema and Rich Snippets”.

We had a great turnout and within two days, the event had already been reviewed, so thank you Barrie Smith from Receptional.  I am biased about the event I run, so I would say it was a fantastic night, but if you want a non biased view, have a look at Barrie’s post.   When I read it, I was also pleased to see that Barrie implemented the schema recommendations Lisa spoke about in her presentation.  One of the topics was the rel=author tag which Ben Holbrook had written a post about earlier this year.  Now that Barrie has implemented the rel=author tag, his name appears next to the review he did for Search London.


Search London Snippets

I actually read Ben Holbrook’s post about how to implement the rel=author tag as I know there is no more faceless web and Google + is here to stay.  Lisa mentioned in her presentation that sometimes the rich snippet testing tools shows you that the rel=author tag works but in real life you still cannot see your name against your blog for up to 6 weeks.

I had the exact same problem until this week.  I followed Ben’s instructions, and the rich snippet’s tool said it worked, but only a few days ago was I able to see my name against my blog. Woo hoo !!

Author Mark Up For Jo Turnbull



Please find below the link to the Paul’s presentation about Social Media and Google +

Lisa’s presentation has also been uploaded onto slideshare:

I will be uploading the photos from the meetup over the weekend, but they are also on Search London.

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