Brighton SEO and Workshops This September

Brighton Pier

I am sure like many SEOs, you were waiting until 9:30am sharp yesterday for the Brighton SEO tickets to go on sale.   Now  1,300 tickets have already been booked.  If you are still looking for a ticket, you can either join the waiting list or attend a practical SEO training workshop.
There are 5 different workshop topics on Thursday, the 13th of September:

The bonus of attending one of these workshops is that you automatically gain access to the conference as well.  The training workshop costs £300 per person, (or £250 for the early birds) and discounts will be made on group bookings.

Kelvin Newman has been running the training courses for just two years, but they have been very successful.  When they decided on what courses to run, they went back to Marketing 101 and asked their audience.  They came back with 5 or 6 really clear topics which is what is available this year.  The only problem was trying to find the perfect trainers, people who actually “do” SEO, not just talk about it.
These workshops are tailor made with real SEOs in mind. Purchase your workshop ticket today on this page on eventbrite today before they sell out – they are going fast.

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