Search London Turns 10 Years Old

In February this year Search London celebrated turning 10 years old. Here are just a few photos from these 10 years.  These were also part of the quiz on the night (February 23rd), answers are in the captions.

I am proud to see Search London grow over the past 10 years and we now have more than 2500 members. I had not thought it would grow to as big as it has done when I first started hearing about meetup groups in June 2010. Then later in the year, one of my former colleagues Judith Lewis stepped down from her SEO/PPC/SMO meetup and I decided to take over.

I renamed it to Search London and the rest is history. We have had nearly 70 different events over the past decade including 5 birthday parties.

In the run up to our 10th birthday, Tim designed a great card and we sent this to those who spoke and sponsored Search London and many who were our regular attendees.

We had three different speakers including myself share their tips at Search London. Confidence is something I have noticed affect people both professionally and personally especially over the past 12 months. Life is too short to let a lack of confidence hold you back. Therefore on the night, I shared a few tips on “How to Build Your Confidence in 20201” and you can download the slides here.

We will be running a Search London event soon, thank you again to everyone has helped make it a success over the past 10 years.

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