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After a few months off, Turn Digi is back, this time broadcasting in the Australian Eastern Time zone on Thursday May 27th at 5pm AEST.

I started Turn Digi back in April last year and although some people can now go out and meet others, I want to continue to provide an online platform where others can connect and learn from one another. Turn Digi is a place where fist time speakers present, it supports entrepreneurs and we have speakers from a wide range of nationalities sharing their tips. We will be streaming to our YouTube channel.

Being an Australian citizen and living over there for a short while, I realise that many events take part in UTC or GMT (European) time zones or American time zones. These times normally mean the event takes place in the early morning.

Turn Digi is taking place at 5pm AEST (or 8am GMT). We have two great speakers.

Shanovee Simpson-Anderson and Amanda King.

Shanovee will talk about “How to Write SEO Content Faster”

Shanovee will share her writing process which is ideal for new copywriters, SEOs who want to work on improving their writing but unsure how to do that, and digital marketing agencies working with clients (without SEO knowledge) writing their own content. She will also share how the process worked well for her clients especially one where the content is their top performing landing page on the site, generating more traffic than their home page and has increased conversions from this page using this process.

Actionable tips:
-Why you should never start with a blank page
-Basic, quick and FREE keyword research to start building.
-How writing for websites is different to other forms of writing & why creating your outline is important
-Additional super simple, super quick writing tips – writing headings & active vs passive writing


Amanda King will talk about “JavaScript SEO for Large Brands”

As JavaScript frameworks become more popular, enterprise organisations are taking up frameworks rapidly, and due to the systemic requirements of large organisations, once these frameworks are embedded, there’s rarely any going back, and it’s an often cumbersome process to try and make change because it requires organisation-wide coordiation. King will discuss how she’s had successes in enterprise in making inroads on JS implementation, and how that translates more broadly to other enterprise companies looking to build their SEO strategies in consideration with a JS framework.

Register your place to attend our first “Turn Digi” Australia.



I am looking for up to two more speakers to take part, so let me know if you want to be involved, you can fill in the form above, or contact me on Twitter – SEOJoBlogs.

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