Turn Digi – Online Event April 30th

Health is very important and we have all seem the cancellation and postponement of conferences/events.

However those who are self employed or remote workers who depend on these types of events, cannot afford to wait until the autumn to attend at the rescheduled time.

We are already seeing stock prices plunge with the stock market and to attempt at minimising this down fall of sales and business opportunities, I am creating this free online event, “Turn Digi”.

The online event will be about : “Remote working, mental health and good well being as well as inaccessibility – plus practical online marketing tips ” Practical tips will be tips for setting up GTM, setting up Analytics, doing a tech audit, site migration, organising your time and many more.

Here is a brief overview of our line up, starting at 11am BST.

People can tune in at anytime during the day to watch the live stream and get actionable and insightful tips. This event is also aimed at supporting those working, we cannot meet physically but we can connect online.

Sign up and view the webinar that will start at 11am BST. We will have speakers from Australia, Europe and Canada join.




Time Title Description Speaker Bio Country
11:40 BST How to work effectively from home How to work effectively from home when you don’t have an ‘office’ and you are trying to ‘juggle’ life, parental responsibilities, keep on top of your health and be productive. This webinar will suggest ways to be productive, switch off from background ‘noise’ and achieve those important outcomes. Especially during this current COVID-19 outbreak, more people will be working from home while looking after elderly parents or young children and trying to pay the bills. Ruth Turnbull Ruth started working in Digital Marketing in 2011 when she moved from the UK to Australia. Since 2014, Ruth has worked as a Digital Consultant for SMEs (across healthcare, leisure and wine industries). Over the past 2 years Ruth studied a Certificate IV in Web-based Technologies which involved creating websites and upskilling using the Adobe suite (in particular Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). Melbourne, Australia
12:00 BST Staying In Control No Matter the Circumstances Understanding how the mind works and tips for supporting focus and productivity at work, which also benefits our mental health and wellbeing. Briony Gunson Working with individuals and businesses, Briony’s workshops and courses draw upon skills from mindset coaching, meditation and 10 years of working as an award-winning digital marketer. UK
12:20 BST  Diversity in Digital – Overcoming the barrier TBC Sheri Mandour Freelance Social Media and Digital Marketing Consultant with over 6 years experience in helping small and medium size businesses grow online. Egyptian blooded – London based. UK
13:00 BST TBC/td> Understanding how the mind works and tips for supporting focus and productivity at work, which also benefits our mental health and wellbeing. John Mueller Working with individuals and businesses, Briony’s workshops and courses draw upon skills from mindset coaching, meditation and 10 years of working as an award-winning digital marketer. UK
13:20 BST TBC
13:40 BST Setting up your Google Analytics for success and happiness Google Analytics can be a goldmine of information, but it often takes a lot of digging to find those valuable nuggets of insight. Learn how to set up your Google Analytics account so you can fuel your marketing campaigns with accurate and informative data in an instant. Helen Pollitt Helen is Managing Director at Arrows Up, an SEO and digital marketing consultancy, and in her spare time a university lecturer of web marketing and analytics. She has over a decade’s experience working in digital marketing specialising in SEO and digital analytics.
14:00 BST (9:00 am EST) Practical tips and tricks on working remotely Working from home is tough, especially when you haven’t had much experience. Jason has a family and has been working from home for 35 years – he’ll share the tips and tricks that have helped him maintain a positive work-life balance and make each day working from home both enjoyable and productive. Jason Barnard Jason has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing. He started promoting his first website in the year Google was incorporated and built it up to become one of the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world (60 million visits in 2007). . France
15:00 BST (10:00 am EST) How to make eCommerce product pages content unique Actionable ways to combat one the biggest eCommerce SEO issues: duplicate product pages. Kristina Azarenko Kristina is an eCommerce & Technical SEO consultant, founder of MarketingSyrup and creator of the SEO Challenge course. She helps small and medium businesses get organic traffic they deserve and properly measure it. Toronto, Canada
15:20 BST Amplify what’s working: Focusing on strengths over weaknesses It’s easy to miss your strengths and focus on fixing the weaknesses – or confuse the two altogether. I’ll share simple questions that helped me understand where my strengths lie and switch the focus on amplifying those instead of living with the mindset “I need to improve everything about me, so then I can be happy”. Margo Barsukova Margo is an SEO Manager at Adzuna, a search engine for jobs, and a qualified life coach with life-long passion for all things personal development, soul-searching and self-exploration. London
15:40 BST (10:40 am EST) Email marketing is dead. Or is it? You’re probably sending out emails for your company. Are they doing what you want them to do? Using automation can help you bring your email marketing back to life! Maret Reutelingsperger Maret Reutelingsperger is the founder of Mobe Digital, an SEO and marketing automation agency, working in CRMs to make the most of databases and offer useful information to those on the receiving end. Blisworth, UK
16:00 BST (11:00 am EST) Executing an international migration for SEO in your dressing gown Ever had to work on a large international site migration? Probably. Ever had to exucute it with unrealistic deadlines and compressed preparation? Probably. Ever had to do it from home? Possibly not. Find out how I’m doing mine and which dressing gowns are ranking factors (They’re all click bait). Joanna Lewis Joanna has worked at the cutting edge of search engine optimisation, paid search and analytics for top agencies and brands and for the last 3 years with her own client base. https://seoeskimo.com/ London,UK
16:20 BST (11:40 am EST) Actionable tips to increase the Authority of your site Lily Ray NYC, USA
17:00 BST (12:00 pm EST) How to measure and report on link building in 2020 Irina Nica Senior Marketing Manager, Product Awareness
Irina is a driven marketer with over 10 years of experience in content marketing and SEO. As part of HubSpot’s Freemium User Acquisition team, she is responsible for increasing HubSpot’s product awareness across all free features, and her focus is on building buzz, backlinks, and driving signups. Prior to joining HubSpot, Irina was the Marketing Manager of the award-winning SEO tool, SEOmonitor.com.
Dublin, Ireland
17:20 BST (12:20 pm EST) The SERP Whisperer – identifing intenent by studying the SERP Many people forget basics when identifying the most important keywords to their strategy. Chris will show you how to look at the keyword searches around their niche to determine what Google thinks people want to help you better plan how to select target keywords for your campaign. Chris Green Colchester, UK
17:40 BST (12:40 pm EST) Content to make you outrank your competition Victoria Olsina Head of SEO of Dojono London, UK
18:00 BST (1:00 pm EST) Accessibility online, why bother and what to do? Disabled Account Executive for a digital marketing agency. Lily Dedman London, UK
18:30 BST (1:30 pm EST) Closing Note SEO Jo Blogs Barcelona, Spain



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