Turn Digi June 10th

Turn Digi is an international event that promotes professionals many who may not have spoken before as well as entrepreneurs running their own business.

On June 10th I’m pleased to say we have Silvia Martin, Heba Said and Diana Richardson  all sharing their tips about tech seo, internal linking and building up a community.

We will be streaming direct to YouTube so you can ask your questions and they’ll be answered live.

Silvia will talk about:

“Tech SEO Foundations Start Growing Your Tech SEO Skills”

Starting to learn tech SEO can be daunting. Silvia will share her learning path and the main steps to learn tech SEO and how anyone can start growing their TECH SEO skills. From the fundamental concepts to learning resources and ways to practice plus how to dive deeper into the Technical side of SEO. Silvia will talk about what is tech SEO, the main skills needed and tips on how to get them.

Silvia is a trilingual SEO Consultant who has been working in the SEO industry for more than 7 years. She has worked as in-house SEO and also agency side. Recently she has started doing full time freelancing as SEO Consultant and founder of Trebole Ltd. She is based in London UK.

Dina Richardson will present: “How to Build a Social Community”

Learning from Diana’s social media experience working with small businesses including a record store, farm and Semrush itself, we’ll discuss what it means to build a community on Twitter, the different strategies to develop, grow and maintain a tribe, and how to test content on Twitter to engage with your new tribe.

Diana is the Social Media & Community Manager for the SEO division of Semrush and has been a digital marketer for 15 years. A Virginia native, she’s now living in Texas, USA. You can find Diana Tweeting regularly about SEO, social media marketing and the search engine marketing landscape as well as her other favorite topics: wine, movies and TV.

Heba Said will present:”Internal Linking – Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore It”

Heba will talk about the importance of internal linking for on-page seo and as a ranking factor that many miss to check. She will share a successful example from previous project that gain better ranks and higher traffic when she made internal linking changes.

Heba is an international SEO Specialist and consultant freelancer. Multlingual With 6 years experience working in-house and with an agency as a Senior SEO Specialist and a team leader. She spoke at VirtuaCon and NigeriaSEO where she talked about “Content Reoptimization”. She worked with international brands like Canva. She is part of #IamRemarkable innitiation.

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