What is an expert in seo?

So you want to get into SEO but you are told you cannot because you are not an expert.

What do you do?

Well, all experts have to start somewhere. The first thing you need is passion and enthusiasm.
I tell you, this gets you a long way. This will drive you to pick up those books and more importantly read them and the other blog posts on the internet about seo.

Then I suggest you practice those skills. Take a website of a close friend or family, a small one, of five to ten pages. Go through that site and conduct a “site analysis”

This is where you will look at:
1. The title tags
2. The meta keywords
3. The meta description
4. The alt tags
5. The internal links
6. The outbound links
7. Anchor text
8. dynamic pages

Then I suggest if you have access to the site, to try out your new found skills.
First thing is to do keyword research – find out what the competitors are doing. If there is a lot of competition for a word, try and be creative. Include commonly mis spelled names eg champagne can be mis spelt champane. Combine words together like Louis champane or roederer champane.

Upload these keywords into the content management system and try finding your site with these words. Remember to change the terms often as it can be a very competitive market.

Remember to also install google analytics so you can track the number of visitors to your site and see how it increases dependent on your work.

Continue to work on a wide range of websites. I guarantee in a few months, your confidence would have grown and within a year’s time you will have an impressive portfolio. And by managing different websites you will have also gained experience in the account management field. Keep on top of the news in seo and you will be the “expert” you have always wanted to be.

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