What are the most important elements in SEO?

You want to increase traffic to your site but are not sure where to start.

Here are a few tips:

As I mentioned before, content is king. But it is even more important that you have relevant content on your website. Do not have duplicate content. It needs to be updated regularly, so it is a good idea to have a content management system in place. You need to be able to go back to site and amend the anchor text, insert new links, make sure the current links are still active. Put the keywords in the title tag and also the domain name. For example I want to increase traffic to this site and therefore one of the steps I have made is to have the domain name seojoblogs.

Use trusted sites to link too. If you link to a spam site or a link farm, you will not begin to rank higher. You will need to start is by using less competitive words and writing content with those words in mind. For example you may want to put a h1, h2 tag using the exact match of key phrase. Build links to the page and see if you hit that page with the keywords.

Inbound links are also important. People think it is important just to have inbound links to the home page, but you need links to the tier two and tier three pages. At least 50% of links should go to the other pages on your site.

Never give up
SEO is an ongoing job. If you want to achieve high ranks, you will need to see what your competitors are doing, research keywords. You also need to make sure there are calls to action on each page. For example, allow users to sign up for RSS feeds, incentivise them to make a purchase. You want these customers to come back.

The benefit about SEO is that you are able see measurable increases in web traffic. The more you optimise the better chance you have of gaining market share in your area. You may need to add new links to your site, add new pages or even new sub headings within the page. What you mustn’t do is leave your site. A static website is sure to fall down the rankings in all search engines.

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