What is new in SEO?

I know I haven’t written on my blog for a while. No excuses, except for the usual, busy with work, with study etc.

Anyways, a lot seems to have happened since I last uploaded a post.

Microsoft has launched its new search engine. That’s right, the company that seems to be always at the forefront of technology has decided to improve on its 8.2% market share of the search market and update its MSN live search.

Bing.com went live June 3rd.

Microsoft wants users to have a better search engine experience with its new product. Before Bing was launched there was a lot of hype about it, www.discoverbing.com was a site to introduce people to bing.
Bing is supposed to deliver a more organised experience, deliver better results than the search engines out there at the moment. It is marketed as a decision engine, it brings more relevant results. Also offers different tabs, not just images and maps, but videos and shopping as well, similar to google. I must admit, when typing in a search request in bing compared to google, I have got very different results.

The home page of bing will change daily but is already looking prettier than google’s with its different arty photos.

There will be a lot more news in the coming weeks about the new search engine. Feel free to add comments on what you like or dislike about Bing.

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