New Website for SEO Jo Blogs as it Turns 5 Years Old

I set up SEO Jo Blogs in February 2009, five a half years ago now.  Back then I created the blog to keep up with the updates in the SEO industry and also provide tips for those in SEO.

I have had a few different themes since I set up the site, but tried to keep it consistent. I wanted to celebrate SEO Jo Blogs’ 5th birthday with a new site.

Non Chocolate Cake

My first website looked like this:

SEO Jo Blogs first site

Then my former colleague Said,  worked on my site and modernised it.  I really loved the new look:

SEO Jo Blogs Second Website Theme

Unfortunately my site was hacked into twice and therefore I had to do a complete reinstall resulting in loss in images. I have since experienced a loss in traffic which is disappointing.  However, 2014 is the year to turn this around, building up content on SEO Jo Blogs.

Hunter Web Development worked on a new theme for my site and I really like it.  It is clean and simple. In the next few months, I will be going through my old posts and updating them with photos that have been lost due to the hack.

Thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to let me know if you have any comments on the new SEO Jo Blogs site.


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