Search London – Three Ways To Execute Marketing Campaigns on a Budget

We had a great turn out at Search London on Wednesday night at the Theodore Bullfrog pub. For the first time we had 3 speakers at the event.

The first speaker of the night was Jorgen Sundberg, the founder of Social Media London. Jorgen Sundberg spoke about how to combine content in all shapes and sizes and social engagement to drive marketing campaigns on a budget. If you have any further questions, please tweet him @JorgenSundberg.

Daniel Smulevich was our second speaker from the night and shared with the audience how to make data work harder for your business.
With all the buzz about content, marketers compete to generate the best content out there. Google Analytics is often the first tool we turn to in order to understand how our content performs, but pageviews, downloads and sign ups only tell us a (very small) part of the story. Digital marketers tend to limit themselves to reporting on superficial metrics rather than finding the right KPIs for their business.

Daniel presented a how-to session to gain real insights into what drives your users and how to maximise it. If you have any further questions to ask him, please tweet @DSmulevich.

Another first for the night was me speaking at Search London.  I have previously spoken at SMX New York and BritMums Live but left the presenting at Search London to others. However, I really wanted to share with the Search London members “How to Implement SEO on a Budget” based on my experience in working with small to medium sized businesses who do not always have the funds.

We were able to collate all the tweets and questions for the speakers on “Gives a Voice to the Audience” with its USP of connecting the audience with the organisers and presenters of the events. Peter Krajnak let us use in our last event and in the October meetup about Avoiding the Wrath of Google.

I have been running Search London for nearly 4 years and would like to thank everyone for their continual support. Ehsan wrote a great review on his site.  We had some new faces attend Search London, as well as those who have been coming regularly so thank you to them, RustyBear, Montse, Nick Rink, Mike Chidzey and also to the co-organiser, Tim Sheed.

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